Stylish Custom Mirror Tips To Transform Your Home

There’s nothing quite like a custom mirror. Instead of settling for one that’s almost right, you can call All Quality Mirrors and get one that’s absolutely perfect! As well, you get the ultimate say in the size, shape, design, style and frame, and don’t have to compromise on a single aspect of it. Here are some more of the benefits associated with getting a custom mirror professionally designed for you.

To Frame, Or Not to Frame?

The trend now is definitely towards frameless mirrors, as that allows them to blend into their surroundings and not take over. These types of custom mirrors are seamlessly integrated into the rest of the existing aesthetic as though they came with the walls they’re on. Frameless mirrors first started becoming popular in bathrooms, but now we can see them in other parts of the home: in the entryway, high above the ground to reflect the rest of the house (particularly good if there’s a grand staircase to reflect); in long hallways to maximize the lack of existing light; in home exercise studios so you can focus on your form; in bedrooms; on surfaces and walls, like bookcases or coffee tables; and more. Framed mirrors, on the other hand, give a totally different style statement. They’re meant to draw more attention to the eye, making frames more suitable when the custom mirror is used for more of an aesthetic, rather than functional, purpose. If both lighting fixtures and the sun already brightly light your living room, then a mirror won’t be serving much practical purpose. Instead, a framed mirror will be used much the same way a work of art is, as an elegant piece that’s meant to inspire conversation and awe, but with one key difference: it’s custom made.

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Brightening Up the Home

One of the things mirrors do best is work with natural and artificial light to compound it. You can take a dimly lit room, place a mirror close to it strategically, and instantly magnify the brightness of it. However, that’s not always possible with store-bought mirrors because the makers have designed them with only a general purpose in mind. A custom mirror can be designed to bend and reflect light in such a way that it works with the harmony of the room, each one engaging in a symbiotic relationship for maximum benefit. Say you have a large bay window in your living room and want a mirror that will reflect the light coming in. A custom designed mirror will have the right shape and framing necessary to take in light from all window frames, and then reflect it around the room for added brightness.

Showing Off Your Style

Along with adding brightness to a dim or under-lighted room, custom mirrors are also a fantastic way of injecting your own style into a room by touching up what’s already there. Store-bought mirrors just don’t have that same element of style, even if you go to a high-end shop. Those mirrors have been designed to fit into showrooms, not your own home that’s been designed according to what you like. One thing to keep in mind when choosing the style of your mirror is that it should complement what’s there, not distract from it. A mirror should be a showpiece and conversation starter, but only in a way that’s elegant and understated. For example, if you’ve decorated your living room in a neo-contemporary style, then choosing an antique mirror with ornate and carved framing would look completely out of place. The mirror should be a natural extension of what’s already there instead of taking the design in a new direction.