Full Length Mirror Design Tips

Mirrors in general serve many purposes, but full length mirrors in Gold Coast have four: adding brightness, inspecting yourself, seeming to enlarge a room, and making a style statement. With a custom mirror, these effects can be enhanced even more. Your designer will take into account the size and specifications of your room, what your tastes and preferences are, and how a mirror can best cover all these aspects. It’s far more personalized and customized than simply going to a store, as a custom mirror will be made to perfectly suit you and your home, as well as give you the most accurate reflection possible (no fun house images here!)

How Tall Should a Full Length Mirror Be?

A full length Gold Coast mirror will be, naturally, quite a bit bigger than other mirrors in your home. That’s not to say, however, that you can get away with any size you want. The dimensions of the room it will be going into will determine the height of the mirror, regardless of whether you opt for a leaning or cheval (a mirror that’s placed in a swivel stand) mirror.

full length mirror Brisbane cityGenerally speaking, the size of a mirror depends on the image you’re trying to get. While full length mirrors usually come in at a minimum height of around 48 inches, this number can change depending if you’re getting a narrower than usual mirror, or an oval one as opposed to a rectangular one. With a narrow or oval shape, custom mirrors can be taller, going up to about 60 inches. Remember, you won’t be looking at your reflection inches away from the mirror but standing a few feet away, so the height of the mirror should always be shorter than you.

Choosing the Shape of the Mirror

The shape of the mirror has a lot to do with the shape you are. Tall, well-muscled men will need a larger, rectangular mirror to adequately reflect their bodies, while shorter, more petite women can see everything they need to in a smaller, oval mirror. The key is to go with a well-designed full length Gold Coast mirror so the reflection is true and not skewed in any way.

What type of shape you select will depend a lot on how the room is decorated. If you have a strictly modern design in your bedroom, which is a design based on hard lines and simple shapes, then a purely rectangular mirror would fit in best. But if you’ve opted for a contemporary design, which features softer and more rounded edges and lines, then an oval mirror would offer a more seamless aesthetic than a rectangular one. The idea is to be consistent in your décor, whether it’s as eye-catching as a bed and frame or as complementary as a custom mirror.

And if you’re wondering about whether to invest in a freestanding mirror or cheval, that’s entirely up to you. Just remember to secure the leaning mirror to the wall so that nothing can tip it over.

What Kind of Statement a Frame Can Make

As a last note, choosing whether to go with framed or frameless almost always depends on personal tastes and preferences. There are few instances when the existing décor will demand a certain choice, such as antique styling correlating with heavy, ornate frames.

But for the most part, it’s up to you: a frame can offer an extra bit of style, while a frameless (or even minimalist frame) can also make a style statement by what it’s not saying. Sometimes, less is more. If the room is already full of decorations, furniture and accessories, then choosing a very thin frame would be the better option. And if you intentionally want your mirror to draw quite a bit of attention, then go ahead and frame it heavily so it becomes the focal point of the room.