Custom Mirrors Increase Light In Gold Coast Homes

Custom mirrors are one of the easiest ways to instantly transform the look of any room, whether functionally or aesthetically. When strategically placed, they can create the illusion of a bigger, brighter space, and all for less cost than it’d take to actually create that space. Sometimes factors are out of the control of the homeowner, such as which direction the home faces, but mirrors on the Gold Coast have the almost-magical effect of changing all that. Want further proof? Just look at how the Palace of Versailles used mirrors!

How to Use Mirrors to Increase Light

mirrors gold coastOne of the two main uses for mirrors on the Gold Coast is to magnify the amount of light in a room, particularly if it faces north where the amount of sunlight is low. There are two different ways of approaching this, depending on the size of the room.

If you’ve got a large room, then what you want to do is avoid misplacing the mirrors so the space becomes cavernous. You’ve already got the space there, so now all you have to do is manipulate it so lighting becomes cozy, not cold or blinding. To achieve this effect, first choose mirrors that are in proportion to the room so they’re neither dwarfed nor overwhelming. Next, place them close to existing light sources, like hanging long mirrors on walls under chandeliers, or smaller mirrors close to wall sconces. The key is to never place mirrors directly in front of light sources or all you’ll see are bulbs.

For smaller rooms, the trick to increasing the amount of light is to use mirrors as pseudo windows. Placing mirrors adjacent to or across from mirrors is the best way of doing this, which gives the room the appearance of an extra window that bounces even more light around.

Manipulating Mirrors to Increase Space

The second reason homeowners use mirrors on the Gold Coast is to create the illusion of a larger space when one doesn’t exist, which is very handy for people living in small quarters. Moving into a huge home isn’t always practical or possible, and mirrors are one easy shortcut in bypassing that hurdle.

When using mirrors for space, the most important thing to keep in mind is the size of the mirror. While it’s true that every mirror reflects what’s in front of it, it doesn’t happen equally. Small mirrors on their own can’t increase the size of the room very well on their own, but clustering them can. You can also place them strategically to maximize the space in the room, such as lining the back of a bookcase with them or buying furniture with mirrored surfaces. However, using a large mirror is the easiest way of manipulating the amount of space in a room, so hang one on the wall or place it on a wall stand, remembering to have it across from a window.

What to Do with Mirror Frames

Once you’ve mastered the art of size and light manipulation, getting the right Gold Coast mirror design is next. Because mirrors are such a portable accessory, it’s much easier matching them to the room than the other way around. Keep the theme of the room contiguous, such as using ornately designed antique mirrors in a traditionally decorated room, and metallic frames – or even frameless mirrors – in a modern or contemporary room.

In terms of colour, it depends on how much you want to emphasize or de-emphasize the colour on the walls. Thin frames or frameless mirrors are an excellent choice for subtly enhancing the existing wall colour because there’s little to no competition, while frames with contrasting colours strongly highlight the difference in colour.