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Ask anyone who’s ever been in a gym before, and they’ll tell you there are always mirrors there. Why? It’s so people can see themselves work out and concentrate on their forms, which not only helps motivate, but also goes a long way to reducing injuries as well. Across Brisbane and all along the coast from Sunshine Coast through to the Gold Coast, gym mirrors have been aiding exercisers reach higher, get stronger and perform higher, simply because they’re able to see themselves in real-time. It’s not always possible to have a personal trainer present, and a mirror provides a fantastic alternative.
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How Brisbane Gym Mirrors Differ From Other Mirrors

Right away, the first thing you’ll notice that’s different about gym mirrors is their size. They’re big, stretching from floor to ceiling, and are usually placed side-by-side to cover up most, if not all, of a wall. This is to provide unparalleled imaging from any spot in the room, regardless of how tall or small an exerciser is. Whether you stand in a corner or right in front of the wall of mirrors, you can see yourself clearly and with ease – providing there’s adequate lighting, of course.

The next thing you’ll notice is Gold Coast gym mirrors are either frameless or have very thin frames. Having one unbroken wall of mirrors tends to weaken the integrity of the glass, so mirrors are divided into sections and attached to the back of the wall, which strengthens each one individually (think of trying to fold a sheet of paper three times versus trying to fold a postage stamp three times to see which is easier).

However, the downside of separating the mirrors is there’s a vertical line that occurs every so often. Most of the time, they’re hardly noticeable at all, but fixate on it long enough, and it’s all you can see. Adding any sort of frame that’s larger than an inch or two only magnifies the effect, which can be incredibly distracting when working out.

Brisbane Gym Mirrors: Helps Motivation and Safety

There’s a simple reason why financial counselors advise their clients to write down everything they purchase. It’s so they can see, in plain black-and-white, just where their money is going and on what. It’s the same idea with gym mirrors: when you’re constantly see your own reflection staring back at you, you’re constantly in touch with how much you’re either pushing yourself or slacking off. Mirrors don’t lie, and they’ll tell you right away if your back isn’t ramrod straight on push-ups.

But custom gym mirrors can also help to reduce the risk of injury when working out. Proper form is key to doing exercises the right away; sometimes, tilting too much one way or another means you’re just not getting the maximum benefit of an exercise, while other times, it can be putting undue stress on your body. Keep repeating the same form, and over time, it can lead to a very preventable injury.

Gym mirrors, because they’re so big and show you clearly from anywhere in the room, tell you when something needs straightening or moving in a different way. Squats require your thighs to be parallel to the ground so as not to overuse your back muscles, hamstring stretches should be done from the hip and bicep curls should be performed with only the lower half of the arm moving.

It only makes sense that if you want to get in shape, doing things right from the start is the best way to go. Gym mirrors are an excellent way of monitoring yourself in real-time for both form and motivation, providing that they’re used correctly.